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the south. lots of activity. scattered in texas. austin, texas picked up 10 inches of rain in a few hours in the heavy thunderstorms just the other day. the scattered thunderstorms across the deep south, the tennessee valley into the carolinas, look at all the rain that's been falling down there. we're just to the north of this big area of rainfall and we're going to see the main rains stay off to our south. for us isolated shower or storm but really going to be in pennsylvania, the mountains i think a better chance today than around here as temperatures make a run into the upper 80s, close to 90. looking at the forecast the next three days, 89 today, stray thunderstorm. i think rain chances 20%, 30%. tonight we're dipping back into the 70s. some upper 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow 89. a dry day but 90 on friday, chance for an afternoon storm. then temperatures are creeping upwards. over the weekend low to mid-90s even by sunday with scattered afternoon storms. then mid-90s monday and tuesday. chance of storms on monday. 4:46. monika samtani, good morning. >>> good morning. happy birthday,
students in texas and say nearly all the girls and half the boys who sent photos did so even though the request bothered them. the study said teens who sent nude photos were more likely to have had sex compared to teens who don't take part in sexting. >>> here's a look at the question of the morning. >>> four decades ago most people did this. but today only 20% say they still do. is it drive a stick shift, change your own tire or write a letter? >> what do you think? go to wusa9's facebook fan page and we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back. good morning everyone. everyone sitting in the upper 60s, 70 degrees. our winds today will be predominantly out of the south. we are warming up all the way into the middle 90s by later on this afternoon. monika? >>> if you are planning to head outside right now you'll find the volumes are light and good news for 66 drivers. no hov restrictions inside the beltway today. and none at all tomorrow fourth of july. >>> major changes are coming to the athletics program at the university of maryland. seven sports have been discontin
but a lot of low level humidity around and a lot of showers and storms from texas all the way back through the deep south, the tennessee valley extending into the carolinas. with this front here, better chance down closer to i-40, better chance we'll see showers and storms across southern virginia, north carolina once again. yesterday they had some rough weather down there. but a little piece of energy -- see these storms here? these will be sweeping across the northeast today and parts of the mid-atlantic. that's why we have a spotty shower popping during the afternoon. not much but maybe a 30% chance or less that we'll see something across the region. so as we look the at forecast, pretty decent here the next few days. 88 or so, 88 tomorrow. spotty shower today. a couple of thunderstorms tomorrow mainly west of town. i think closer to the blue ridge. a little elevation will help. thursday looking warm with a few clouds, 87. as we get toward the weekend, temperatures are going to sneak up. a couple of storms possible friday, 89. saturday and sunday can't rule out the afternoon thunderstor
president joe biden is scheduled to address the naacp convention in houston, texas. yesterday g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney addressed the convention. it was a tough crowd for him. they booed him after he told the delegates president obama had failed to improve the economy. >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obama care and i'm going to work to reform and save -- [ crowd booing ] >> most members of the civil rights group support president obama, so governor romney had his work cut out for him going into yesterday's speech. he believes staying focused on the economy can help him win in november. polls show the race is tightening. a new survey of voters nationwide suggests romney is just three points behind the president. 46-43% but within the statistical margin of error. >>> illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr. is receiving what his office calls intensive medical treatment for a mood disorder. the congressman went on leave june 10. at the time his office said he was being treated for exhaustion. they have since re
. sherman hemsley passed away at his home in el paso, texas at the age of 74. we take a look back at his life. >> reporter: the manmade most famous for moving on up to a deluxe apartment died at the age of 74. el paso police say sherman elseley was found in his house. his agent confirms he passed away. the actor first rose to fame in 1971 playing george jefferson on "all in the family." two years later helmsley started in a spinoff. >> i will just have to go over the boss' head. >> it will be a short trip. >> reporter: mr. jefferson would then be quick with a return dig. helmsley owe r -- hemsley sang and dance. he made cameo appearances on television and walked the red carpet for big cbs events. born in philadelphia, he had no children or wife. edward lawrence for cbs news. >> "the jeffersons" debuted on cbs in 1975 and lasted 11 seasons. it's considered one of tv's most successful sitcoms. he later starred in the sitcom "amen." >> love that show. >>> so how much is too much? the first hearing on banning big sugary drinks in new york city brought out dozens of people on both sides of th
leading up to the fort hood shooting in 2009. that's according to texas congressman michael mccall. major nadal hassan was communicating with a known terrorist before he shot and killed 13 people on the base. the congressman says f.b.i.'s washington division was more concerned about political correctness than making sure the military had the information it needed on hassan. >>> here's a look at some other news making news now. israel has vowed to get revenge for a bus explosion which killed at least six israeli tourists in bulgaria. prime minister benjamin netanyahu was blaming iran for the bombing. president obama called netanyahu to offer assistance in finding the people responsible for the attack. >>> george zimmerman gave liz first national television interview last night on fox news channel. he's the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with murdering an unarmed 17-year- old trayvon martin in florida. he was recently released on bail for the second time in this racially charged case. during the interview he said if he could talk to martin's parents, he would say i'm sorry. >> i do wi
truck crash in south texas killed 11 people and injured 12 others. investigators say the driver of the truck ran off the road and crashed into two large trees. they say all 23 victims, including children were in this one vehicle. >>> more information is coming to light about the 2010 campaign of d.c. mayor vincent gray. according to "the washington post," the gray campaign obtained a database with names of nearly 6,000 public housing residents. it targeted in get out the vote efforts. the post says the database appears to be an unare a rised use of private -- unauthor rised use of private information. gray said it wasn't needed because of already published contacts in the community. meanwhile 9news has learned that mayor gray is meeting privately with the leaders of ward 5 democrats. ward 5 has a health of middle class african-american voters and chairman of ward 5 confirms the councilman will be at this meeting. a majority of d.c. voters feel mayor gray should step down because of a shadow campaign that spent more than $650,000 to help get him elected. >>> at least three people
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7